The handwriting sample(s) may  be digitally scanned  (in color and at least a minimum of 300 dpi resolution or higher) and emailed to:



or  mailed in their Original Physical Form (ideal form of submission) to my actual address (available upon request).


The client should specify in advance whether they would prefer to receive my analysis via email or postal mail.


Prior to the  submitting the handwriting sample(s), it is necessary that the client has identified the specific kind of  analysis needed (ex. personality profile, job profile, compatiblity analysis, corporate analysis) and is fully committed to using the online Paypal system prior to their purchase.


After the client has received the profile (or that is) analysis in the form they originally specified (via email or postal mail), absolutely no refund(s) will be given under any circumstances for the analysis. Typically, I will spend about an hour or more drawing up a profile/analysis, so the client can expect a very well thought out, professional report in which I have made every attempt to address whatever specific concerns they may have regarding the writing.

Handwriting samples which are considered by the client too old, rare and/or valuable to send should not be submitted through postal mail. If the client sees fit, they may alternatively submit scanned versions of these specimens.


Also, if the client desires that the analyst (i.e. Anthony Brochetelli) should not retain a copy of the original physical handwriting sample(s) (as opposed to the scanned version), the client should not submit original sample(s), but only a scanned version.


Prior to submission of the sample(s), it is also necessary that the client has both  read and fully understands the requirements for submission, as specified under the section of this website titled "Services" and the "Disclaimer" as provided in the section "Request an Analysis."


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