Note: Clients are Encouraged to Submit Samples on Unlined Paper as opposes to Lined Paper)
Example of a Personality Profile: Analysis of an Old Letter sent by Wife to Husband (Please Note: Use of Unlined Paper is Preferable to Lined paper for the Writings Submitted for Analysis )


The most outstanding quality of this writer lies in her relentless willpower, determination, and need to win. The vitality level of the writer is extraordinary for that of a woman in her late 70s. She will compulsively strive to assert her will towards materialistic – economic aims. Emotionally she is charged with a great deal of aggressive energy which presses towards constant release but which can only be partially "sublimated" in the direction of "workaholism." She will make sure to see every task to its end regardless of any social opposition she may encounter. Indeed, she cares little for what others think of her and will literally plow like a steamroller over her adversaries.


On the domestic front, she can be described as a tyrannical, domineering presence, refusing to bend or to make concessions of any kind. By no means is she a team player. Driven by a merciless, insatiable need to conquer and to occupy a position of superiority, she cannot "let anyone in" – this means that in spite of her intense need to propel herself professionally outward into the world, she doesn't easily form stable or intimate attachments and, despite her “extroverted” talkativeness, remains at an inner remove from others. Brusque and matter-of-fact, she is hardly a sentimental character and sees others dogmatically in black and white terms – either "for" or "against." Her capacity to trust or empathize with others is low. In all likelihood this stemmed from a poverty of early nurturing. Nevertheless, she inherited a powerful guiding image of achievement and industry from her father. Any feelings of inner weakness or vulnerability she may have experienced as an early child were subsequently edged out by the need for self-independence and self-reliance. Indeed, she is a powerful woman of strong personality, who in every sense of the word assumed "masculine" prerogatives atypical for a woman of her time, even to a point that the psychologist Alfred Adler might have described in the language of “virile protest” (also sometimes referred to as “masculine protest”).


In terms of her communication style, one can expect many verbal daggers and bitter, sarcastic accusations from her. She will fight tooth and nail to the end and one should never really expect to win an argument with her as she must always have the final word. Bossy and invasive, one should discover little privacy with her. She is rather likely to regard others as her own narcissistic possessions. That is to say, her need to understand others' feelings comes secondary to her need to control others. Her combative, dictatorial nature is apt to find expression in vitriolic outbursts as well as in protracted "speeches" which retain the solipsistic character of a monologue. Impervious to the needs of others, she manages to channel herself into frenzies, ranting and raving without tolerating a second of interruption. One almost senses that she will only hear her own voice and everything outside is "dross."


In spite of these limiting social qualities, she commands a high degree of efficiency, an aggressive managerial sense, powerful acquisitive-hoarding instincts, as well as the pace of an aggressively competitive, fast track salesperson. We may conclude that while on the professional scale she is capable of high achievement, she suffers from many shortcomings and setbacks. Indeed, her sharp tongue, crude assertiveness and capacity for brutally scathing and derisive criticism would be strongly capable of repelling others. In spite of this, she moves indefatigably and indomitably towards her goals. She is also an extremely clever, practically resourceful, “on your feet” type person who will always discover multiple strategies to secure her own selfish ends – whether through the mercenary drive to "ensnare" her underlings by spotting their weaknesses, through aggressively confronting others directly with her demands, or through the promise of "reward" or “bribery.” Indeed, her power to bend others beneath her will is not only strong but also insidiously calculating. One should thus only expect to get to really know her with great difficulty, as she is quite politic, shrewd and secretive of her plans and motivations. She will “reach out,” but only as a covert drive to secure her own ends.


Emotionally, the writer was cut off from the experience of a secure bond early in her life and has remained quite dissatisfied both sexually and emotionally. In place of her disappointment, she has adopted a "no-frills" utilitarian outlook, eschewing a life of warm personal connections. Lastly, her overbearing compulsive work ethic can be seen to serve the purposes of:


  1. Escaping into activity as a defense against latent introspective depressive anxieties

  2. Retaining narcissistic control and power in resistance to the outside world

  3. Defending against unconscious powerful emotions which cannot successfully attain direct expression but which swell up in the unpredictable spurts of aggression and frustration.