Description of Services


I  offer the client the folowing options:


1) -An indepth Personality Profile in written form for 125 US dollars


2) -Job Screening Profile in written form for 150 US dollars


3) -Relationship Compatibility Analysis in written form for 160 US dollars


4) -Corporate Analysis in written form for 200 US dollars


Payment Details


Payment for these services can be made securely via Paypal. Simply click on the link "Request an Analysis" on this website and specify exactly what kind of services you will be needing.  Please direct any specific enquiries to and I will be glad to address your concerns to the best of my ability.


Once  payment  has cleared  via  Paypal, I will have the analysis dispatched to the client  either by way of email or telephone in the most timely manner


All requests for an analysis/profile will be processed in the order in which they are received. If due to an overwhelming volume of requests I cannot immediately attend to the client within a reasonable time period I will ask them if they wish to be waitlisted. Clients who have requested that the analysis be sent to them via  email can expect a much  faster service than those who refuse e-mail service and who  will accept only postal delivery of the analysis. Postal delivery times to distant geographical locations will necessarily entail the client  waiting a longer period to receive the analysis.


Statement of Quality


At the outset, the customer should recognize that I am not an entertainer, magician or fortune teller. I employ graphology exclusively as a form of handwriting psychology or as some might call it, "Schriftpsychologie." My method is based in gestalt symbolism, neuropsychology and pattern recognition.


You can expect a well written, thought out, psychologically astute analysis of at least one page or more (depending on the nature of the sample being investigated). The analysis will be completely tailored to the individual and is never prefabricated.  Absolutely no attempts to automate the analysis procedure by means of computer technology will be used, as results obtained from such procedures can never adequately substitute for the role of the human brain which not merely "interprets" but also "sees."


Although there are many websites which tout the use of handwriting analysis software, sofar none have come even close to what I deem absolutely necessary for an indepth, individually descriptive psychological profile.


Statement of Privacy


1) The submitter of the sample assumes full responsibility for having obtained the consent of the writer in allowing their samples to be analyzed. Sample(s) submitted for review will become the exclusive property of the graphologist (Anthony Brochetelli). The submitter agrees to allow portions of the writing sample to be used for educational purposes and with the understanding that neither the name/identity of the writer, the submitter, or a significantly identifiable portion of the content will be revealed. The submitter agrees to hold harmless the graphologist for any opinions rendered including any psychological descriptions which may be revealed by the writing.


The client assumes full responsibility for  providing the analyst with  an appropriate  sample of writing in accordance with the "Requirements of Submission" section of this website (i.e., on accepting the terms of the "Disclaimer" prior to the purchase of any services associated with this website and on the  accurate report of any details concerning the writer's  approximate age, sex, handedness, native language, use of medications, illness, motor dysfunction,  cognitive or visual impairments, etc., which will be considered prior to the analysis. If any of these factors are unknown to the client, he/she should state them in advance.


2) The client who has requested an analysis through this website recognizes that the technique of psychological analysis from handwriting makes no attempt to actually prove either the falsity or authenticity of the document being analyzed or that it was infact written by a particular individual. This is done so also in order to minimize any potential factors of bias or unfair discrimination concerning race, ethnicity, gender  or  creed.


3) The psychological descriptions applied to the  analyzed writing represent the highly skilled opinions of the analyst which apply to the writing as it was executed at a particular point  in  time and aren't explicitly intended to describe the psychology of the writing at different point(s) in time  insofar as  both the personality and by extension the writing itself are subject to changes, however great or small. The opinions I have rendered in the analysis/profile are as a rule never "guesses" but rather skilled inferences grounded solely on an analysis of the actual graphics of the writing itself.


Requirements for Submission


-For best results, the client should submit a handwriting sample written on an 8 1/2 X 11 or larger unlined white sheet of paper, consisting of 7 or more complete sentences. Submission of writing samples on lined paper though not encouraged is still admissable. The writer should not copy words from an external source nor repeatedly write the same sentence or word over and over again.


-In order to obtain ideal results, several samples should be provided which were produced within a similar time span and which the client feels are adequately representative of the writer's  own most natural and "habitual" writing style, though one representative sample of the writer's handwriting is perfectly acceptable.


-If the writer prints or has more than one style of writing, both styles should be submitted and if possible the client should specify under what conditions the alternative style is adopted or if there is a stronger preference demonstrated toward one style as opposed to the other.


-Ideally, the writer should choose their most preferred writing instrument and write upon quality paper which will not impede the graphic act. The physical writing surface (ex. table top) beneath the paper should be flat and smooth (i.e. the writer should not attempt to write on a tilted surface, standing up or in a train, boat or in any mobile setting).


-The use of an ink  pen as opposed to the use of  pencil or  marker is highly recommended, unless the writer is most accustomed to writing in a different medium.


-Ideally, the writer should have produced the sample while comfortably seated and free of external distractions (ex. loud noise).


-The chronological age (or approximate age), biological sex, and handedness of the writer should be stated  by the client in advance, as these factors cannot be established with absolute certainty from the writing itself, but can only be inferred. This information is significant in drawing various psychological conclusions.


-If the writer was born outside of the United States, has trouble writing in English or if English isn't their native language this should be stated by the client in advance and the client should then submit alongside the sample written in English, a sample written in the language the writer feels most comfortable writing in.


-If the client is aware that the writer produced the writing sample during a period of illness or under the influence of medication(s) this should be stated in advance and if possible, the kinds of medication(s) should be specified.


Handwritings may be sent in scanned form by way of email to : 



If possible, the writer should also scan the sample in color using at least a minimal resolution of 300dpi (up to 1200dpi is acceptable). It is  however recommended  that whenever possible, the client submit only original handwriting samples for analysis, as this confers a greater accuracy in evaluating the pressure, shading, quality and consistency of the stroke.


Handwritings which should not be submitted for psychological analysis


-Writings of individuals less than 18 years old (or that is) less than the age of legal consent.

-Writing samples consisting of less than 5 lines

-Writing samples produced with a defective writing instrument, on paper of inferior quality such as napkins, or distorted by means of bad photocopying or computer editing techniques

-Writings produced by those with a manual impediment which makes the act of handwriting extremely arduous or impossible.

-Writings which are intentionally altered by the individual in order to disguise their own most natural and habitual writing style.

-Writings which are copied or traced directly from a model (ex. artificial writing) and which don't represent a natural style

-Writings which don't employ the 26 characters of the modern Latin alphabet (ex. idiographically based writing systems such as Chinese or Japanese)

-Ancient writings which require a specialized familiarity with a very distinct kind of writing system)

-Code writings, secret alphabets

-Writings produced by means of a prosthetic device or other implement

-Writings produced by the blind or by intellectually disabled individuals.