The submitter of the sample assumes full responsibility for having obtained the consent of the writer in allowing their writing samples to be analyzed. Samples submitted for review will become the sole property of the graphologist (Anthony Brochetelli). The submitter agrees to allow portions of the writing sample to be used for educational purposes with the understanding that neither the name or identity of the writer, the submitter, or a significantly identifiable portion of the content will be revealed. The submitter agrees to hold harmless the graphologist for any  of the statements or psychological descriptions rendered in the "Personality Profile," "Job Screening Profile," "Relationship Compatibility Analysis" and/or "Corporate Analysis."


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Personality Profile

This profile consists of an insightful critique of the writer's character structure, core drives, motivations, strengths, weaknesses and potential problem areas, with an attempt to unveil such things as the honesty, integrity, social skills, thinking style, potential aptitudes or skills  in the greatest depth possible. This analysis will be closely tailored to the client's original concerns. No attempt however is made to state whether or not the writer's personality is well matched for a job or is compatible with another writer. If the client is looking to have these latter issues addressed, he/she should request either a "Job Screening Profile,"  a "Corporate Analysis" or  a "Relationship Compatibility Analysis," respectively.

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Job Screening Profile

This profile attempts to identify whether or not a particular writer's personality will be well matched to a particular job and if not, what kind of work the writer is ideally suited for. (If, however, the client wishes to determine whether or not a person is suited for a senior management position, a "Corporate Analysis" should be requested in lieu of this option). A detailed description of the overall character structure relative to the types of factors needed to perform the job is considered. These factors may include, but are not limited to, an evaluation of: potential talents or abilities, honesty, integrity, reliability, emotional maturity, organizational ability, psychological acumen,  the style of intelligence, communication and social skills, strengths and weaknesses of character, ego-stability, defensive structure, stress tolerance, goal structure, sense of values, adaptability in different psychological areas, etc. The client may for example be interested in knowing "what kind of a salesman will this person be," or something completely different such as "how will this person work with others in a group or in a classroom?" Opportunities for future growth are explored.

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Relationship Compatibility Analysis

This analysis is based on a comparison of the overall psychological makeup of two handwritings  stemming from  two distinct individuals. Whether you are presenting the writings of a married couple, living partners, future roomates, casual friends, lovers or anonymous strangers, a range of psychological similarities and differences between the two writings will be discussed, as well as areas of potential conflict, problem scenarios, defensive strategies and prospective relationship "solutions" (if needed). This analysis considers such factors as the intellectual, emotional, social, sexual and/or spiritual compatibility of both individuals, their respective division of goals or values and their overall life orientation. The upshot of this analysis is that the client gains an enriched understanding of the unconscious dynamics of how two people may interact together- even if they have never met before !

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Corporate Analysis

This analysis is reserved for the assessment of whether or not a specific individual is psychologically equipped for a senior management  position. The client should state exactly what kind of qualities they are looking for in the writer and I will be able to determine if the writing confirms any of these. Such potential factors as leadership ability, creativity (ability to think outside the box), emotional maturity,  pragmatism,  self-control,  conviction,  future oriented vision, intellectual capacities,  people saviness, clarity of goals, communication style, integrity of character,  commitment, autonomy, responsibility, organizational skills, efficiency of work habits, self-confidence, emotional stability, stress tolerance, vitality,  ambition, capacity to engage others and to command a position of authority, trustworthiness, reliability and respect are explored.

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